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Dominican Mission Trip

My top doctors and I take a mission trip every couple of years. We have been working on compiling a documentary since 2004.

Finally, ITS HERE! 🙂

Take a look:


Free Chiropractic Assistant Conference Call

Once a month I host FREE conference calls: CA Training, Master Talk and Power Talks.

This Thursday I have a FREE Chiropractic Assistant Call – JOIN ME!

TOPIC: “Keys To Keeping Your New Patient Appointment Slots FULL For Maximum Practice Growth”

  • How To Set Target Goals On A Daily/Weekly Basis
  • 4 New Patient Marketing Tools That Doctors And CA’s Must Do Every Shift
  • Secrets To Pre And Post Huddles For Practice Growth
  • Techniques For Ensuring Patient Compliance To Care

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Motivational Minute – 4 Rituals That Will Change Your STATE

The old saying “Whatever You Focus On – You Will  Attract In Your Life” absolutely rings true when it comes to making change in your life. Whether physical, emotional, professional or personal – focus is a key part of state management. (Simply said, state management controls how we perceive and react to any situation).

In order to change focus and manage your state, there must be daily rituals.

Here are 4 of my TOP FAVORITE RITUALS that have helped transform my life, starting with my day:

  1. Exercise. Everybody knows that exercise stimulates the release of “feel good” chemicals such as endorphins. Exercise relaxes the body and reduces stress allowing you to clearly focus on that which you want to achieve. (Click HERE to hear me on Tony Greco’s radio show!)
  2. Nutrition. Start with greens and reds from Greens First, a whey protein shake after your workout, the 6 Core Essentials (minerals and vitamins) and a healthy breakfast which includes fruit, juices and fiber.
  3. Threshold Rules. I learned from Tony Robbins years ago – you must create a “personal code of conduct” or” guidelines” on how you would want conduct your life. These threshold rules allow me to avoid vices and focus on my virtues. These would include guidelines on nutrition, exercise, drinking habits, personal development, family time vs. work balance.
  4. Positive Mindset. I start every day with 10-15 minutes of morning meditation – to manifest that which I want in my day. Never allow anything negative – such as news, people, or events to influence your emotional state. I’m a firm believer that “he who controls his emotional state over people and events…WINS”.

Check out my MASTER WITHIN program – which is dedicated to creating a balanced life, breaking through personal  barriers and overcoming fears.

Until Then,

Practice With Passion,

Dr Mike Reid

We’re in Vancouver!

I haven’t been to Vancouver for several years…Until now. We’re going back to the beautiful mountains on September 18th for a ONE DAY INTENSIVE I named “POWER”. At this event I will be focusing on techniques that will help you BE, DO and HAVE MORE in life.

“POWER”  is dedicated to giving you the tools to:

  • double your new patient flow
  • increase your retention
  • create better balance in practice and family
  • enhance your practices’ wellness component and triple your income.

Click HERE to get the full details!

Hope to see you there!

Until then,

Keep Practicing With Passion,

Dr Mike