All Aboard The CalJam Train!

Taking you all the way to the greatest Chiropractic networking, educational and rock n’ roll party extravaganza on the planet! This 3-day event will load you up with 19 hours of CE credits provided by the world’s greatest speakers in Chiropractic and Nutrition. And once you’ve worked hard, it’s time to play hard as we party the night away with Billy D as he brings the rock n’ roll edge to the greatest music festival in Chiropractic!

Or if you prefer something a little more subdued, join us at our 2nd Annual California Jam Speakers’ Gala Dinner where you can dine in style while getting up close and personal with our amazing lineup of Chiropractic superstars.

Take the ride of your life and book your seat on the DCS Express, arriving at the upscale Segestrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa, California on February 24th, 25th & 26th, 2012.


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About drmikereid

CEO and Peak Performance Coach of the hugely successful Chiropractic Masters, a coaching company devoted to empowering Chiropractors around the world with the tools and strategies to live the freedom-based lives of their dreams. Dr Mike is proud to be currently building some of the largest and most profitable practices in North America. A popular motivational speaker at venues such as Parker, Dr Mike has passion and drive for new ideas and strategies and moves the crowd with his sense of humor and humility. Over the years, he has mentored hundreds of doctors in designing clinics, (from small to large), enhancing health, fitness, wellness and family values all the while still in practice at his enormously busy clinic in Ottawa, The Hampton Wellness Centre.

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