Motivational Minute – Your Practice Checklist

Dear Friend,


Whether you’re starting from scratch or building an existing practice, it’s vital that you have a new patient machine. I was recently visiting my practice in Turks and Caicos, and asked myself what were the key steps we made in order to ensure success of this new location? What are today’s top marketing techniques we used to build it?

Here’s a partial checklist that I created as I flew back to Ottawa on what I did do to build it BIG:

  • Outside talks. Many companies and corporations with wellness initiatives are looking for speakers. Dr Lise who runs the Turks practice was just invited to speak to the Police Association, and for the staff at Beaches.
  • Networking. I would data dump on a list of 20 or more affiliates that could carry my brochures and I could carry theirs in my clinic. We recently created an affiliate with a mattress company that produces organic memory foam mattresses and was looking for a chiropractor to cross refer with.
  • TV. This is probably the most powerful media, more so than radio or print. Dr Lise in Turks was able to get on the “Oprah Winfrey” of Provo and she spoke on Health and Wellness. The phones were ringing off the hook and was instrumental in building her practice to 100 patient visits a week in the first few months.
  • Family Gift Certificates and Health Passes. Direct response is still the KING of marketing inside your practice. Just don’t be afraid to ask, and you will be blown away by how many of your patients (once they get the big idea), will refer to your cause.
  • The Doctors Report. I’m still blown away by how many doctors still will not take one hour per week to =educate their patients and get friends and families under care. This is still by far, the keystone to building a success wellness cash based practice!
  • Meet 3 new people per day. This is an old technique that I learned from Dr John Demartini. I met an elderly man at Subway last week who was on a stroller. I remember what John told me about giving out 3 cards per day. I asked this elderly man who his chiropractor was. When he explained he didn’t have one, I told him that he just found one! And I’d love to be his doctor of chiropractic. I gave him a business card with a health pass on the back. You can also have your CA’s become bonused when they meet 3 new people a day that refer in as well.


Adjust Strong and Adjust with Passion,


Dr Mike Reid

CEO and Peak Performance Coach

Chiropractic Masters







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