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Consider This Before Vaccinating Your Baby

Nothing is absolute, however one thing is for sure: The best decisions are always INFORMED decisions.

There are numerous considerations when it comes to vaccinating VS. choosing not to vaccinate your baby. No one reasoning will suit everyone, but here are just a couple of considerations regarding the Hepatitis B vaccine:

  • Hepatitis B is not airborne.  It is contracted through sex, use of drug needles and blood transfusions.  Unless you or your baby is involved in any of these, vaccination is not necessary for your child.
  • Further, the hepatitis B vaccine is made of baker’s yeast.  It is the only man made vaccine.  The rest are made from the disease itself.   Across the board, parenting books tell us yeast is one of the things to avoid for youngsters because of its high allergic reaction rate in children.  Thus, the vaccine they give your child contains a known allergen.  Children who are allergic to yeast may have a reaction.  How do you know if your newborn is allergic to yeast?  You don’t.  It’s a gamble.  You decide:  Does the benefit outweigh the risk?

  •  Why has it been decided that we blanket vaccinate newborns for hepatitis B?  The poorer population, which tends to have the virus, was not bringing their children in for follow-up vaccination.  So they decided to hit the entire population.  In other words, for a few they target all.  That hardly seems necessary.

My recommendation for any parent or parent to be, is to do as much research and talk to as many people as possible. Get the facts first and make your decisions second.


My thanks to Scott and Deanna Gromowski for sharing thier heartfelt story and information about their son Ian. For more information about their story visit:



Do You Know Your Value System?


Do you know your value system? Or at least do you know why it’s so critical?

Second to having a vision for your life, your value system will help dictate every decision you make and the direction in which your life evolves. A value system is the moral compass by which you will create  guideposts for congruency and GROWTH in all areas of your life.

My value system is central on my vision board surrounded by pictures of my family, my value system is also central in my vision board for all of my businesses. And if I can share one insight, that I have discovered over the years…your value system MUST BE of emotional based values and not materialistic. The day I changed mine to emotional based values, my life became more congruent, contradiction was eliminated and the laws of attraction have manifested for my well-being and success in business. Let me share with you my top 5 emotional based values and my secondary 5 for success:

  1. Love And Gratitude.
  2. Bliss.
  3. Significance.
  4. Freedom.
  5. Family.
  6. Magnificence.
  7. Health.
  8. Success.
  9. Relationships.
  10. Wealth.

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Your “Christmas in the Clinic” Checklist

December is about paying it forward!

Most of your marketing efforts this month should be based on giving back to your patients and your community.

By next week, your elements of “Christmas in the Clinic” should be ready to rock! If not, here is a checklist that you can follow

  • Order your clinic Christmas/Holiday cards from any online or local print shop. I like Vista Print because they have many pre-made (customizable) cards to choose from, the quality is great and they are quick. You can also visit for chiropractic based cards!
  • Have your PRCA follow the Christmas in the clinic procedure. (Don’t have one? Get on the phone with me asap!)
  • Christmas Sales and Stocking stuffers. Everything 15-20% off. We sold a ton of products, supplements, orthotics and energy bands last year when we did this.
  • Give back. Your Angel Tree and/or snow suit fund should be geared up so that you have at least 4-5 weeks to promote it in your clinic. The Salvation Army is your contact for the Angel Tree and the Snowsuit Fund for snowsuits.
  • Your Christmas spread should start with clementines and should be increased weekly to add wellness based/nutritional foods like banana bread, hot apple cider, nuts etc. that your patients can indulge in from your reception area.
  • Christmas basket. Perfected this system with a ballot box which gives every referral 10 ballots for the basket. Since your marketing efforts are all internal for the month of December, it’s ok to spend $350 – $400 on your basket. Make it so audacious that even your staff would want to win it!

My “Holiday Mailer” procedure and script will not only spread chiropractic in your community like wild-fire, but you will see a HUGE increase of new patients in January. I GUARANTEE IT! Call me for details! 1-800-781-8127