Consider This Before Vaccinating Your Baby

Nothing is absolute, however one thing is for sure: The best decisions are always INFORMED decisions.

There are numerous considerations when it comes to vaccinating VS. choosing not to vaccinate your baby. No one reasoning will suit everyone, but here are just a couple of considerations regarding the Hepatitis B vaccine:

  • Hepatitis B is not airborne.  It is contracted through sex, use of drug needles and blood transfusions.  Unless you or your baby is involved in any of these, vaccination is not necessary for your child.
  • Further, the hepatitis B vaccine is made of baker’s yeast.  It is the only man made vaccine.  The rest are made from the disease itself.   Across the board, parenting books tell us yeast is one of the things to avoid for youngsters because of its high allergic reaction rate in children.  Thus, the vaccine they give your child contains a known allergen.  Children who are allergic to yeast may have a reaction.  How do you know if your newborn is allergic to yeast?  You don’t.  It’s a gamble.  You decide:  Does the benefit outweigh the risk?

  •  Why has it been decided that we blanket vaccinate newborns for hepatitis B?  The poorer population, which tends to have the virus, was not bringing their children in for follow-up vaccination.  So they decided to hit the entire population.  In other words, for a few they target all.  That hardly seems necessary.

My recommendation for any parent or parent to be, is to do as much research and talk to as many people as possible. Get the facts first and make your decisions second.


My thanks to Scott and Deanna Gromowski for sharing thier heartfelt story and information about their son Ian. For more information about their story visit:



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2 responses to “Consider This Before Vaccinating Your Baby”

  1. Lyka Ricks says :

    Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold. ~Helen Keller obtained from Danger quotes

  2. Eric Schonhard says :

    Great post. Parents across the country are becoming informed about vaccinations and the risk involved with them. The best decisions are informed decisions.

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