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What Does Zombieland Have To Do With Chiropractic?

Have you seen the movie Zombieland?

It’s one of those fun, Saturday zombie comedies to watch with your kids, wickedly funny with lots of gore. Woody Harrelson plays “Tallahassee”, a zombie killing renegade, who leads a band of kids on a quest to find sanctuary from zombies, while he searches for his beloved Twinkies.

I loved Harrelson’s character, because throughout the movie, his tag line is, “It’s time to nut up or shut up!”. You’re probably thinking, “What’s that got to do with the Chiropractic profession?”


I’m surprised how many Chiropractors are sitting on the sidelines, waiting for their ship to come in, like some magical association will create a new patient machine for them. Most are too scared sh*tless and are running from the zombies, versus taking a stand and fighting back. It’s a metaphor for your practice. For years I’ve been training doctors on the art of building successful practices. I’m beside myself how most would rather throw in the towel or just sell real estate instead.

Let’s get something straight. No one’s coming to your rescue. It’s up to you only! Or you can join a team and kick some ass. Yes, together is better! In a tribe or collective, you can learn and support each other, mastermind with like-minded, successful individuals, who understand the business of wellness, build your practice and watch each others back.

Like Tallahassee says, “It’s time to nut up or shut up!”. If you feel like you’re fighting your battles alone, then join me this weekend at “Prosperity”. It’s going to be a kick ass seminar with over 10 great practice building speakers and my tribe of successful doctors who are living the dream. Imagine learning how to open the doors of corporations, mastering social media, fine tuning your technique, listening in to high volume millionaire practices. It’s a tough world out there! You can go it alone or team up…just don’t say I didn’t invite you!

Oh! P.S. I’ve only got 5 spots left and the doors close this Friday at 5:30 pm.
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There is No Such Thing As a Kids’ Drug

20 million children are labeled with “mental disorders” that are based solely on a checklist of behaviors. There are no brain scans, x-rays, genetic or blood tests that can prove they are mentally ill, yet these children are prescribed dangerous and life-threatening psychiatric drugs. Child drugging is a $4.8 billion-a-year industry.

-Dr. Thomas Szasz , Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus at the Sta
te University of New York Health Science Center

Did you hear what Jay said?

“The key to consistent, predictable & profitable business growth is marketing.  If you are not marketing yourself and growing…then you are dying.”

This was one of the quotes I read from Jay Abraham, who is considered by most, to be one of the world’s most foremost marketing experts.

I’ve always wondered why Big Pharma makes so much in the way of profit, and why so many Chiropractors struggle to make ends meet.  After 20 years of running a successful practice, and 12 years of coaching….guess what I’ve discovered…That’s right!

 Exactly what Jay said above! 

It’s been our own arrogance and ignorance that’s kept us under 2% utilization…the best kept secret in the world… is still a secret.  Short of our associations getting a brilliant insight, into a global television commercial… But don’t hold your breath!

What can you do to make a “shift”, in your new patient flow?  Here’s some insight as to the art of building your monthly new patient flow, to 3 or 4 times the state or provincial average…of 10.

 1.  Get out and “Meet & Greet”.  Set up a screening and start taking the message to companies, groups and churches
2.  Social Media is King…Learn the art of dominating social media in your community or get left behind
3.  Ask For Referrals…your practice members really want to help friends and family…you just haven’t asked!
4.  Social Marketing…on Groupon, Wagjag, and Dealfind is kicking ass…What are you waiting for?
5.  Power Workshops…on energy, nutrition, detox, fused with a chiropractic anchor boosts referrals and retention
6.  Direct Mail…still has a high ROI…have you looked in your mail box lately.
7.  Family Gift Certificate…When done right, it gets dad and junior in the door!
8.  The Doctor’s Report…Make it mandatory and watch the new patient flood gates open up

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“Doctored” Movie Every Chiropractor Should Watch

It’s finally here…the movie event that we’ve been waiting for. Jeff Hayes’ “Doctored” chronicles chiropractic’s struggle against the medical mafia and the perils of medicine , while educating and stressing the need for Chiropractic in everyone’s life.