Dr Mike’s Motivational Minute – Yoda and Dora and Chiropractic…

What does Yoda and Dora, have to do with Chiropractic?  


Well, actually nothing! Except, when used as a powerful  learning tool, to teach nine year olds proper hockey defense.

My son Noah has a great coach! His name is Scott: a fire fighter by trade, but an excellent hockey coach by night.   He uses a small playing board which outlines a hockey rink…and his players include little models of Yoda, Dora, Swiper, and Jay-Jay The Airplane. If you have kids, you probably recognize the cartoon characters, and if you don’t recognize them, it’s probably a good thing.

I was observing Scott with his post Halloween brood of 16, nine year olds. He was explaining how to play defense with his little plastic characters. Every one of them was quiet and glued to the play board.

Was it Yoda? Maybe Jay-Jay? Or maybe it was just the fact that coach Scott was using a teaching tool, that was “familiar” to the kids. You could see the look in each child’s eyes, totally glued to the board.

I thought about how this is applicable to Chiropractic, then immediately thought of my Doctor’s Report and Report of Findings.   How everything we do, is “analogous”, or “familiar” to the patients.

I wanted to share with you, a partial list of everything that’s “familiar” to your patients, that you can use in your exam, reports and financials or even when you are talking TIC to a prospect:

  1. Use dental analogies when educating on painless cavities
  2. Time frames for braces works great, when creating analogies for curve corrections
  3. Kinks in a bicycle chain are phenomenal when explaining “Subluxations”  
  4. A low dimmer switch to indicate how patients power can be at half potential
  5. Kinked garden hoses to explain subluxations pressure on nerves
  6. Circuit Breakers to explain how too much stress can such off your breakers (subluxations)
  7. Zombies are great analogies for prospects who need adjusting (got this one from my kids)
  8. Straightening a banana to explain how loss of cervical curve, can affect cord compression.
  9. An elastic around your wrist or finger to explain how pressure affects flow!
  10. A heart attack – explain how you can be “feeling fine” one minute, then dead the next! How you cannot judge your health by how you feel!


Mark this date on your calendar: January 25-26, 2013

I will be teaching the new, “Business of Wellness”


  • Solid day 1, day 2 procedures to move patients to predictably say YES to lifetime care!
  • Mastering your financial reports to add thousands of dollars to your month ends!
  • Be your own marketing expert with the top 12 tools that work in 2013
  • Brew culture in your practice for 100% CA ownership
  • Expose your CA’s to the new ChiroWorks University for MASSIVE front desk growth!
  • And MUCH, MUCH MORE! (Details Coming Soon!)

Early Bird

Doctors – $197.00+TAX

Students – $47.00+TAX

Chiropractic Assistants  – $27.00+TAX

*Registration Fees Double After December 21st. 


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