Motivational Minute – What I learned From Richard Branson

Motivational minute 2012

I love this guy.  Energetic! Risk taker! Entrepreneur!


I recently read an article from Robin Sharma on an interview he did with Richard Branson in Romania at a Leadership conference.

I wanted to condense the interview down to the 10 points that I learned from Branson…on setting goals.  His points are very profound.  Really nothing you haven’t heard before, but so applicable in practice and life:

  1. Branding is Everything –   A little girl came up to Branson and told him he could be rich and famous because he looked just like Sir Richard Branson.
  2. Complexity is Your Enemy – It is best to SIMPLIFY your product.  Steve Jobs when he took over Apple for the second time reduced the company’s 350 products to 10.
  3. Take Risk – You can’t chase the sunset by hanging onto the shore.  Learn to let go and go!
  4. Set Huge, Apparently Unachievable Challenges – People laughed at Branson when he wanted to start Virgin Airlines.  These are the naysayers, critics and negative people you don’t want, nor need in your life.
  5. There Are No Rules – You must learn to set your own parameters and  learn to fall.  It’s from falling where we learn how to get up, and not fall again.
  6. Be an Idealist – Find a zen garden or a quiet office and learn to dream outrageous dreams.  First thing in the morning is best where your creative juices flow best.
  7. You are The Captain of Your Fate – No one is coming to your rescue. You are the only one who will paint your canvas.
  8. You Only Live Once – So why not get the most out of it.  Rise early…5:30 am, and squeeze the juice out of life, write down your dreams and act boldly.
  9. Be Close To Family – Family should be one of your top values, for what else are we living for.
  10. Extremism – It is the pursuit of excellence and not a vice

In pursuit of excellence,

Dr Mike Reid CEO and Peak Performance Coach
Chiropractic Masters International
Coaching Director for Creating Wellness

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