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Motivational Minute – Lessons Learned From CalJam

Motivational minute 2012



Yup! That’s me at CalJam disguised as “Dr. Merk GSK Lilly, MD” and having a blast!

I get asked to speak a lot around the country, as I build successful million dollar practices; But this time I wanted to do something different…something unique to make a point…that we in the ChiropracTIC world have got it RIGHT! That our profession is truly saving the world, backed by research, testimonials and a whole army of chiropractors who are kicking ass in their communities.

I listened to some amazing and phenomenal speakers. Each, just as passionate and as on purpose as the previous. From Brendon Burchard to Billy Demoss, these guys rocked the house, and delivered some amazing information.

Mike and Fab

Here’s some of what I took home:

1. Establish Clarity

Become clear in who you are and what your mandate in life is. If you were to define yourself with just 3 words…what would they be?

2. Exude Energy

Energy acts like a lighthouse and pulls in more from the universe.
Get excited about who you are and what you are delivering
3. Get on Purpose

When you discover what you are passionate about, then you will find your purpose. Keep asking yourself more and better questions like based on your purpose. When the “Why” is big enough, the “How” will come!
4. Get Productive

Many of us waste time on email and Facebook which is just a response to other people’s agenda. How much time did you waste today and not get to your projects? Ouch!

5. Chiropractic Works

If you don’t believe 100% in the power that made the body, also heals it, then you may find yourself trying to SELL it. When you BELIEVE, then everyone will want to BUY what you OWN!

6. Get Over The Fear

Most everything that you have been worrying about has never materialized…so get over it and walk across the friggin hot coals!!!!

7. Create Success Markers and Success Mandates

Do you have a vision board, goal charts and have you scheduled to goal your productivity with a reward every quarter from your planning pyramid. If you don’t understand what I just said…then you need a coach!

8. Leave a Legacy

When you elevate from the egocentric plane of existence (what’s in it for me) to the spirit-centric plane of being, then you begin to understand your role in the greater picture of the universe. And why doing it for “them”, while leaving your mark for the greater good, becomes soul food to your sense of being.
 Until next time,

Keep practicing with passion,

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