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Dr Mike’s Motivational Minute – The Battle At Kruger & The Power of Persistence

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Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was defeated in 8 elections, failed at business 2x, had a nervous breakdown and lost a fiancée to an illness?

Michael Jordan was kicked off the high school basketball team. And it took Thomas Edison 1000 tries until he got the electric light bulb right.

You may have heard these stories before…but one thing these men all had in common was PERSISTENCE! We’ve all had a rough year, lost income, a family member , had a broken marriage or just seem to be at the bottom somewhere in life.

It’s happened to the best of us.  

Yet one thing that I wholeheartedly believe in, is the power of persistence…to set your eye on the prize, hold that vision like a dog gnaws on a bone, and do whatever it takes, to complete the task or make a comeback.

This example is truly captured in one of the most watched videos on YouTube. If you haven’t seen this video before, take the 8 minutes out of your life. It may just change your current perspective!

When your life is at stake, exactly how hard are you willing to fight? How long are you willing to stay in the game?




Until my next Motivational Minute…

Keep Practicing With Passion…And Persistence!


Dr Mike Reid

Chiropractic Masters International
Coaching Director for Creating Wellness

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Motivational Minute – The Art of the Close

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“The Art Of The Close”


If you have ever had to experience closing someone, you’ll know that it truly is an art. Regardless if you are speaking, getting them to buy a care plan, or at a simple screening, the more you work it, the more you realize that there is a formula. Let me share with you a few gems that I’ve learned over the years that have made it easier for me to close people interested in my products.

1. Build Rapport

Believe it or not, but people buy 4 things. Benefits, emotion, value and YOU!  I make it a policy to take my time and gain affinity with my peeps. Find a commonality, give a compliment, or just listen and smile. By focusing on rapport building you instantly gain their trust and start on the first step of your relationship.


2. Socratic Questioning

By asking questions,it has been found in research that people are 3x more likely to buy from you, versus someone purging facts.   A great closer has the ability to listen, then pose a question that turns their prospects towards the desired outcome.

3. Proof

This is best exemplified by using a technology that can visually demonstrates areas to improve for the individual. We can all agree that it’s easier to make recommendations with x-rays, or thermal scans of the nerve stress or abnormal posture.  Without it you really don’t have a baseline to work from.


4. Testimonials

I love testimonials. And working with a tons of testimonials can make or break a deal. It worked for them…it will work for you! Use them in your presentations, around your clinic or in your talk. People love stories and this is paramount to helping close any sale. A client of mine named Al, uses testimonials in 80% of his lectures and collects over 60 new patients a month from these specialty workshops alone!


5. Objection Management

When customers are creating objections, they’re really just asking you for a solution. My favorite words for managing objections are “If” and “Would”.

“If we could find a program that fits your budget, would you want the care?”

“If I could find a time where both you and your spouse could attend a report of findings, would that work for you?”

I think you get the general idea. Try these fast and simple tools in your next close and pop me an email. I’d love to hear your success.


 Until next time,

Keep practicing with passion,


Dr Mike Reid

Chiropractic Masters International
Coaching Director for Creating Wellness