My Summertime Marketing Plan

Motivational minute 2012

This past weekend, I ran a One Day Intensive Training In Montreal with guests and clients. A common question that always come up is,

“I find it slow in the summer! What can I do to
create growth?”

My reply is simple – to keep working your practice like any other month. It’s been my experience that the majority of my clients continue to grow throughout the summer because they are focused on growth, serving and saving more lives.

Here’s a list of what I would do for the summer if
I had your practice:

1.) Screenings – with a screening team (2-4 per month)

Many of my clients are attracting a lot of new ones throughout the summer. Because it’s vacation time doesn’t mean everybody is on holidays

2.) S.E.O. + Website 

I would emphasize nailing my S.E.O. technology and website technology. If you are not getting at least one new client per week from your website…you might be doing something wrong.

3.) Dinner Workshop – 1x/month

A great practice builder for the summer. Try as BBQ theme instead.

4.) Power Workshops – 1x/month

Monthly Power workshops were the mainstay of my business and not only strengthened retention but also brought in new guests.

5.) Children’s Health Fair – September

It can take 6-12 months to set-up and execute this big fish , but the rewards for September are incredible. Some docs are attracting up to 4000 people in one day and getting 50, 100, 150 new patients.

6.) “Doctored” Movie Night

A new and exciting product to have a patient movie night in the summer to bring patients and patients alike to the new wellness revolution movement.

7.) Bring a friend/family member week

An instant practice builder that gets those straglers in for their summer spinal nd neurological check-up.

8.) Groupon – June only

If social media is allowed in your province or state, then this low cost product will surely kick butt. Some of my clients have gotten over 150 new patients from just one ad.

9.) Ask for referrals / 3 business cards/day

The simple art of asking for referrals or at least planting seeds with prospects. Try it for 30 days and watch how many new patients come into your office.

Until my next Motivational Minute…

Keep Practicing With Passion…

Dr Mike Reid

Chiropractic Masters International
Coaching Director for Creating Wellness

P.S.Join me for my ONE DAY INTENSIVE in Toronto on June 22nd…For more info, CLICK HERE.


About drmikereid

CEO and Peak Performance Coach of the hugely successful Chiropractic Masters, a coaching company devoted to empowering Chiropractors around the world with the tools and strategies to live the freedom-based lives of their dreams. Dr Mike is proud to be currently building some of the largest and most profitable practices in North America. A popular motivational speaker at venues such as Parker, Dr Mike has passion and drive for new ideas and strategies and moves the crowd with his sense of humor and humility. Over the years, he has mentored hundreds of doctors in designing clinics, (from small to large), enhancing health, fitness, wellness and family values all the while still in practice at his enormously busy clinic in Ottawa, The Hampton Wellness Centre.

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