Motivational Minute – The 100% Energy Day

Motivational minute 2012
The 100% Energy Day

The most common body signal, or complaint that you hear from your patients is fatigue. Interestingly, I find it’s also the most common challenge with doctors of chiropractic. Let me share with you, my TOP 6 Energy Producing Foods and Supplements that allow me to rock my day from 5:20am to 11:00pm. TRY IT! I think you’ll LOVE it!


  1. Start your morning with Greens First.

    My first power drink is always Greens First with a teaspoon of whey protein with every morning workout. It alkalizes the body, provides over 100 nutrients while detoxifying at the same time.  I add the protein to help prevent dry-heaves while working out on an empty stomach.

  2. Post-Workout drink

    Within 30 minutes of your morning workout, always have a protein drink with at least 30 grams of whey protein. I love to mix in fruits like strawberries and banana. The secret to this, is adding a teaspoon of glutamine. This is an amino acid transporter which cell volumizes, stimulates the immune system and helps fight fatigue. This works phenomenally well to maintain your energy, especially if you’re adjusting in the morning.

  3. Breakfast

    Your first meal of the day should always include proteins. Eggs eggs and even an omelet with vegetables like spinach or avocados. Avoid high sugar foods like cereals. Choose oatmeal instead without dairy – almond milk, is acceptable. I like mixing in nuts and cranberries in my oatmeal.

  4. High Energy Water Content Rich Foods.

    Graze every 3 hours with salads and proteins like chicken, salmon or lean beef. I avoid carbohydrates after noon and focus on food combining with greens/vegetables and a protein. Try salmon in the evening with a salad and you’ll feel amazing! I snack on nuts and raw foods like carrots and occasional protein bars.

  5. Smoothies throughout the day.

    Here’s a great smoothie recipe from one of my top clients, Drs Michele Bernatchez and Francois Poirier. They gave this to me last week at our One Day Intensive Training in Montreal, and it was TOTALLY awesome! I recommend adding a whey based protein with BCAA’s (this should be high in L-lysine as an 8:1 ratio).

    Chia seeds


    Budwix mix (flax,…)

    Whole oats

    Any raw nuts

    One banana




    Raw Spinach

    Omega 3 oil

  6. Summer Salads.

    I love salads with protein and live off of these during the summertime! Try Michele and Francois’ salad below. It’s one of the best salads I’ve had in a long time with an all-natural dressing of oranges and mango!

    Salad dressing made in my Vitamix blender:

    2 small clementines (oranges)

    One mango

    White wine vinegar/olive oil(1:2)


    Mixed Greens
    Strawberries and raspberries
    Red onion

P.S. Avoid eating 3 hours prior to retiring. I recommend popcorn if you’re hungry. If you’re working out aggressively, then you may want to consider a slow release based protein to consume  as an 8 ounce protein shake prior to sleeping. The one I love is, Isobolic by NutraBolics – it helps you sleep and recuperate during the night.


Until my next Motivational Minute…

Keep Practicing With Passion…And Persistence!

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Dr Mike Reid

Chiropractic Masters International
Coaching Director for Creating Wellness


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