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Motivational Minute – Buddies, Boating & The 7 Secrets To Practice Success

Motivational minute 2012

Yup! That’s them! Two of my best friends in the world. We spent last weekend at my cottage drinking brown pops, barbequing, boating and…talking about chiropractic!

That’s what you do, whether you’re married to one or just hanging around chiropractors.
“If there is a better formula to build a chiropractic clinic, then I would want to see it!“, commented Dr. Mankal
We discussed at length the basic tenets to building a successful practice. The elements to make it work.   The marketing and procedures, systems, techniques and technologies. Although we all agreed, that your personality can make or break a practice, here’s a basic list of the 7 key essentials to build a successful practice.


 New Patient Machine

It’s the most common complaint I hear from doctors. “If I only had more new patients, my practice would be awesome….” And I agree to a certain extent. It is essential, but only part of the puzzle. If you can’t attract more then try doubling your PVA.


The Doctor’s Report

Or the “spinal care workshop” or whatever you want to call it. It is so critical to have, that doctor’s whose practice evaluations are void of a great Doctor’s Report, probably have a PVA half of what it could be. Try it for a month and let me know the results. With a doctor’s report, your PVA typically doubles!


 Care Plans

Remember this statement, “Your PVA will be equal to your AVERAGE recommendations.” So if you can’t get it up…your numbers, then start recommending more. And ask yourself this one questions, “How often DO YOU get adjusted?” Nuff said!


 Corrective Care

Consider studying a technique like CBP or PSC. Structural corrective care is validated in the research, because relief care isn’t and no study shows that once you’re out of pain, you are healthy. Besides, once they’re out pain….they are usually gone.



Once the symptoms, range of motion, leg length, palpation findings, ortho testing and posture are normalized…what do you have to rely on in objective findings? Structural changes can be clearly shown on an x-ray unit and neurological changes can easily be shown with a Insight Subluxation Station. Governing boards allow it and the most important question is, “What about the other 90% of the nervous system once the pain is gone?”


 Team Culture

Did you know that there are 10 keys to a successful team culture in your practice? Do you know and embrace them all? Do you have a high turnover rate with CA’s coming and going? That’s the benefit of having a coach!

 Wellness Care

A seasoned doctor, whose practice I evaluated 8 years ago, grew $10,000 per month in 1 month. How much had he left on the table over those 25 years? Ouch!   You’ll get adjusted for life right? So will I! Then why shouldn’t your patients? Consider at least a wellness plan 2.

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Until my next Motivational Minute…

Keep Practicing With Passion…And Persistence!

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Dr Mike Reid

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Motivational Minute – Get Into Your BEST Shape NOW!

Motivational minute 2012


Jim Unger, the Herman cartoonist, drew a hilariously ironic cartoon of a grossly overweight M.D. sitting across from his patient asking,


“Are you eating right and getting plenty of exercise?”


Do you think it’s all worth it?


All those greens, protein shakes, eggs, and salmon steaks. You know…that Paleolithic diet. The,  “If you can grow it or kill it, then you can eat it” attitude.


Have you considered your age lately? Are you feeling it in the body after all those years of adjusting? Maybe body weight is increasing?  Maybe you are off your regular diet…and the energy just isn’t the same anymore?


Most importantly, what are you doing about it?


There are 4 keys to life mastery, that I know are absolutely essential for
wellness based doctors to master. The physical, nutritional, mental and spiritua. When combined with a positive outlook on life…everything is possible. 

Here are a few reasons why:

1. You need to look the part!    

If you are talking like a wellness doc, then start walking the part. We must become a leading example and not a contradiction.

2. When you look it, you feel it

Your emotions, how you treat others, your outlook on life can be directly reflected by how you look and feel inside, because the end result of taking care of your temple, resonates in positive energy to others.

3.Our health care system is dying! 

Treatment of cancer, heart disease and diabetes is NOT health care. The new revolution of wellness care, lead by the chiropractic profession focuses on being fit, eating right, thinking well and getting adjusted. Are you on board?

4.Your old age!

It is estimated that 50% of us will suffer in the last 10 years of life. Study after study of healthy, thriving cultures, have shown that paleo diets, exercise, positive attitudes and purpose in life are essential to staying well. If you haven’t started implementing these strategies yet, then you might want to consider doing so soon.


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Until my next Motivational Minute…

Keep Practicing With Passion…And Persistence!

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Dr Mike Reid

Chiropractic Masters International
Coaching Director for Creating Wellness