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Dr Mike’s Motivational Minute – Why I like the “F” word

Motivational minute 2012

Yes, I said it, the  dreaded  “F” word…FAILURE! 

And I’m learning to love it.  Maybe you heard the saying, “Fail, Forward, Fast”. 

We’ve all done it!  Failed!  Somewhere in our lives…  Perhaps it was practice, a marriage, financially or with friends!  We’ve all been there, and I guarantee it’s probably one of your best friends, you just don’t know it yet or haven’t fully accepted it yet!!

I listen to this great audio program from “Success” magazine.  I wanted to create a summary of what some of these top CEO’s were saying and what they had learned..and why some of the greatest and wealthiest have made it big, through failure.

It’s why I believe that many entrepreneurs, people, doctors and potentials never realize their full potential.  Mediocrity loves company.  Our daily bump and grind, 9 to 5, ground hog day experiences that prevent us from trying…from failing…from learning and thus succeeding. I guess that life is about choices.  Here’s what the best have to say about Failure:

  1. Go fail a lot and fast.

  2. The key to success is massive failure…whoever can fail the most and  fastest wins. Fail Big! Babe Ruth would not have hit record home runs, without first swinging the bat.  He also struck out more than most players.
  3. Failure offers the opportunity to tweak and renew…The Kaizen principle of constant and never ending improvement is based on learning from one’s mistakes.
  4. Failure creates opportunity for exhilarating success.
  5. It’s not whether you fail, but are you content with failure…and did you learn from failure to grow with success.
  6. Failure allows you to super size your dreams…to “Think Big!”

  7. If it were not possible to failure, it would  be impossible to succeed.
  8. Failure can be seen as a blessing.  The Yin/Yang principle that governs all universal laws, the plus and the minus.
  9. See failure not as a breakdown, but as a breakthrough.

  10. Never give your power away to an event that hasn’t occurred. Your past does not predict your future.
  11. Failure allows you to shift from GOOD to GREAT.

  12. When you “fail”, ask yourself these 4 Questions:

    I.        What is good about this?
    II.        How can I use this as a positive force in the next 24-48 hours.
    III.        What are the top 2-3 gifts that this failure has given me.
    IV.        What skill or strategy do I need to enhance to prevent this from happening again.


Whether you Fail or Succeed, you can discover
how to continue on your “fall forward fast!”

Standing For Your Greatness!


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Motivational Minute – Keys To Staying Grateful in Daily Life

Motivational minute 2012
It’s the beginning of the GIVING season, and a big question I get from hundreds of chiros, is how to maintain that state of thankfulness when we’re growing, plateauing or sliding in practice.

It’s not unusual that we tend to tie our identity to the volume of our practice, income that we make, or number of new patients that we see.  So true isn’t it?  You have a great, record month… you’re pumped!  You’re on top of the world!  You have a bad month and you blame the staff, your mother in law, the lazy associate, the dog and the economy.

A number of years ago I came across a small book that was recommended to me by one of my coaches.  “Mastery” by George Leonard, follows martial artist who have  discovered how to stay “zenned”.  It’s a perfect metaphor for Chiropractors who attach their identity to their practice.


Those of you who follow quantum physics and the law of attraction, will understand that wallowing in a state of fear, worry, jealousy or hatred will only bring about more of that which you don’t want.  Yet, by being in a state of love and gratitude, by vibrating every cell in your body to the universal frequency of love and gratitude…will attract more of that which you ask from the universe.

Start your day by focusing on meditation in a silent place. Try it for 14 days straight, regardless of the status of your practice…and I guarantee
something magical will happen.

By following lessons learned from this book and lessons learned from other masters, anyone can follow 6 simple rules to mastering their lives:

1. Maintain your state and  grateful for all that you are and currently have…whether you are growing, plateauing or seeing a slow down in your practice…or life

2. FILL your emotional fuel tank DAILY

3. BEcome an emotional factory…always outpouring /serving/pay it forward

4. Make your primary values emotional based…LOVE, GRATITUDE, and FORGIVENESS

5. Leave the EGO BEHIND…and live a SPIRIT CENTRIC life MEDITATE OR PRAY with your vision board daily


As Always, Standing For Your Success!


Dr. Mike Reid

CEO and Peak Performance Coach

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Motivational Minute – When Life Hands You A Bowl Of Sh*t!

Motivational minute 2012

I was joking with a good friend of mine, Dr. Pat Gentempo, how busy shakers and movers like ourselves often have to deal with getting handed bowls of shit on a regular basis. And sometimes it’s more like a barrel full or even a pool full! Ever have one of those days?  Nothing friggin right goes your way!

We’ve all been there!  Financial! Marital! Health! The list is endless!  So what do you do? Suck it up? Take the blue pill and crawl back under the covers?  Well my friend…here’s some insight from a tough mother whose been through hell and back…and believe me…stick to your guns, because someday soon you’ll get that bowl of cherries.


  1. Know Your Identity… Because others judge you, attack you, are jealous  or gossip about you…stand your ground!  It’s been my experience that these detractors are born with a scarcity mentality and low self esteem. They’re that 20% you’ll never please, so focus on the 80% that are listening or following you.
  2. Take a New Perspective…Did you eat today, sleep in your own bed, have a hot shower and not have bombs drop on your head? Then you’ve got it good.  We live in the top 1% of people in the great village of the world; a life of privilege and abundance. Count your blessings and stop focusing on the small negatives!
  3. Maintain your state of love and gratitude. I firmly believe in a statement by Tony Robbins that says, “He who maintains his state…WINS!”. This is so true, that when met with adversity or a
    negative environment…keep your cool.
  4. Keep Your Eye On The Prize…I know that if you want something bad enough in life, you need to go after it and don’t let the naysayers pull you away from your main objectives in life.  Steve Jobs was kicked out of his own company, broke and depressed. Yet he knew what he wanted in life, became relentless and kept his eye on it. Pixar! Apple! And even inventing new technologies to realize his dreams. I think we’re all glad that he did!
  5. A Life of Servitude…If your life’s purpose is to help people and you’re not harming anyone…then march on. The greatest life one can live is one of servitude. If you have a gift to share to better others, then go out there and share it!  A spirit centric life is one of the most gratifying you could live.
  6. Don’t Take Yourself Too Damn Seriously…Life was meant to be enjoyed and not one of struggle, worry or fear. I take 2 thirty minute breaks per day to walk my dog Chewy and reconnect with nature.  It calms the mind, relaxes the soul and allows you to manifest that which you want in life.
  7. 10 Minutes To Manifest…Start your day with the power of attraction and positive affirmations to attract more of what you want in life and less of the negative and mundane. Give it a test for 14 days straight. I know you will surprise yourself.

As Always, Standing For Your Success!

Dr. Mike Reid