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Why Chiropractors Are Failing And 7 Steps To Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever!

Motivational minute 2012

“Why Chiropractors Are Failing And 7 Steps To Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever!”

Every day I get to meet chiropractors from all walks of life; varying techniques, styles of practice and philosophical ownership abound.  It has becomes very apparent after speaking to hundreds over my last 14 years in coaching, that there appears to be 7 common  threads that weave between successful and struggling doctors. There are doctors who are “crushing it” and doctors who are struggling to  make ends meet.

Can I share my observations?  In a profession that is still one of the best kept secrets in the world, we ALL should have a truly waiting list practice, serving hundreds of patients weekly.

Here’s my secret list of 7:


Years ago I gained profound insight from Tony Robbins, that VISION is central to everything in your practice and life.  You get what you focus on daily. Steve Jobs once said that only 3% of people on the planet are dedicated to designing a life of their dreams.  REALLY?  Only 3%?!  What if you sat down one Saturday morning, turned off the television and wrote out a vision of how you’d like to see your life and practice.  The greater the vision is, the greater the purpose will ensue.

On Purpose

These doctors have a driving HUNGER.  Their “WHY” is so great, that they arrive early and grab a front row seat, ask a lot of “pain in the ass” questions, study tenaciously, pursue relentlessly and don’t give up when they fall.  Their purpose is hell bent on serving people…period.  That’s what living is…finding a purpose in life greater than you!  Finding a purpose that is spirit centric in serving others, knowing the universe will give back 10 fold.


They understand that they are running a business.  They have outlined their value system of integrity, impeccable service, honesty and fair exchange.  They take a break at the end of every month and analyze their profit and loss statement and ensure they have a profit.  They re-invest and understand that in today’s “busyness” of business…they must stay ahead of the curve…and the competition.

Market Themselves

I have a client in Laval, Quebec who knows his exact return on investment of every marketing tool he uses.  I love this guy, because he is willing to invest a dollar in order to get $5 back.  He understands he is running a business, has set up a 12 month marketing calendar game plan and has witnessed a 300% growth in his practice.  A true winner!

Train Like a Freak

In the popular book, “Power Of Full Engagement”, Jim Loehr outlines that the best athletes in the world play full out…then rest and train.  They get into rituals of focusing on strengthening key elements of their game, training on it, then resting.  My best clients train 15-30 minutes per day on their practice needs, have team training weekly and work out like an Olympian…because they want to get the most out of practice and life. (Pssst! Don’t forget to train your team! )

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Take breaks

B.J. Palmer use to say, “Don’t take yourself too damn seriously”.  Ever meet someone who was so damn serious that they were toxic?  I encourage my clients to pencil in a week holiday every quarter…at a minimum.   A family vacation, a retreat, just you and your spouse.  Life isn’t meant to be worked through, but LIVED through.  What’s the meaning of working your ass off only to die rich and miserable.  You’ll quickly discover that you will come back refreshed, rejuvenated and will quite possibly see practice growth.


Have No Fear

dr mike_firewalk

Fear is the great barrier that minimizes many a man.  It’s always been the number one reason most doctors fail.  A fear of acceptance, success, what others will think or say…will often retard one’s true desired outcomes in life. The questions you need to ask yourself is, “What do I stand to LOSE but living in fear?”, and “What do I stand to GAIN when I get over it?”  It’s why as a certified fire walker, I take people across hot burning coals.  If they can walk across fire…they can do anything in life…even succeed in practice.
Keep Practicing With PASSION,

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Motivational Minute – Successful People: 8 Self-Limiting Behaviors They Avoid

Motivational minute 2012
Happy New Year! I wish YOU and ALL my readers your BEST YEAR in 2014…in all the 8 pillars of life.  I wanted to start my 2014 blogs with this great article from on self-limiting behavior.
It reminded me of Tony Robbin’s teachings on creating your own destiny.  Nothing like finding your passion, getting your ass out of bed and taking some massive action to create your own outcome.
Successful businesswoman
In my work, I’ve been fortunate to learn from amazingly successful, impactful professionals and entrepreneurs.  I’m defining “success” here as achieving what matters most to YOU, individually and authentically – not as some objective measure of outer wealth, accomplishment or achievement.
I’ve noted that people who love what they do for a living and have created tremendous success and reward, not only engage continuously in life-supporting behaviors, but also avoid certain negative actions and mindsets that other, less successful people habitually get lost in.
Observing people in action who are living fully on their terms and absolutely loving it, I’ve seen how they think, react, interrelate, problem solve, and lead.  I’ve applied these lessons to my own life, and to those I coach.
time to change

The 8 Self-Limiting, Negative Behaviors Successful People Avoid Are:

1.    Engaging in “below the line” thinking

“Below the line” thinking refers to a particular mindset that shapes how you view the world in a limiting way.  It leads to your believing that what’s happening to you is outside your control and everyone else’s fault – the economy, your profession, your boss, your spouse, etc.  Below the line thinking says, “It’s not fair what’s happening, and I don’t have what it takes to overcome these challenges. I didn’t expect this and I can’t handle it.”  Above the line thinking, on the other hand, says, “I clearly see the obstacles ahead, and I’m addressing them with open eyes.  I’m accountable for my life and my career, and I have what it takes to navigate through this successfully.  If I fail, I’ll still wake up tomorrow exactly who I am, and will have learned something critical.”

2.    Mistaking fantastical wishful thinking for action
Successful professionals pursue outcomes that flow organically from their current actions. Unsuccessful individuals attach to fantasies that may relieve them momentarily of their situational pain but have no basis in reality.  For instance, I’ve heard from corporate professionals who share, “Kathy, I really hate my job and desperately want to leave.  I’ve been wanting to write a book and become a motivational speaker for several years now.  What’s your advice?”  I’ll respond, “OK, great.  Are you writing and speaking?” and more often than not, the answer will be, “Uh…no.”  You can’t write a book if you’re not writing anything, and you can’t speak in public if you haven’t developed any material to speak about.   It’s critical to take bold action toward your visions, in order to create success.  Successful people develop huge goals too, but they crush them down into smaller, digestible (but courageous) action steps that they then build on, which leads naturally to the end goal they’re pursuing.
3.    Remaining powerless and speechless
Successful people are in touch with their power, and are not afraid to use it and express it.  They advocate and negotiate strongly for themselves and for others, and for what they care about, and don’t shy away from articulating just how they stand apart from the competition.  They know how they contribute uniquely and the value they bring to the table.  In addition, they don’t wait to bring up concerns – they tackle challenges head on, speaking about them, with calm, poise and grace.  They don’t hide from their problems.  And they don’t perceive themselves as hapless victims.
4.    Putting off investing in themselves
I see this behavior over and over in those who feel thwarted and unsuccessful – they are incredibly reluctant to invest time, money and energy in themselves and their own growth.  They are comfortable only when putting other people’s needs ahead of their own.  They’ll make any excuse for why now is NOT the time to invest in themselves or commit to change.  They feel guilt, shame and anxiety over claiming “I’m worth this.”  Successful people don’t wait – they spend money, time and effort on their own growth, because they know, without doubt it will pay off – for themselves and everyone around them.
5.    Resisting change
Successful people don’t break themselves against what is or drown in the changing tides.  They go with the flow.  They follow the trends, and embrace them.  They are flexible, fluid and nimble.  They react to what’s in front of them, and improvise deftly.   Those who are unsuccessful bemoan what is appearing before them, and stay stuck in the past or in what they “expected,” complaining about how life is not what it should be and why what is feels so wrong.
6.    Honoring other people’s priorities over their own
Successful people know what matters most to them – their priorities, values, concerns, and their mission and purpose.  They don’t float aimlessly on a sea of possibility – they are masters of their own ship and know where they want to head, and make bold moves in the direction of their dreams.  To do this, they are very clear about their top priorities in life and work, and won’t be waylaid by the priorities and values of others.  In short, they have very well-defined boundaries, and know where they end and others begin.  They say “no” to endeavors and behaviors (and thinking) that will push them off track.  They know what they want to create and the legacy they want to leave behind in this lifetime, and honor that each day.
Those who doubt themselves, lack trust in their own gut or instincts, or second-guess themselves continually find themselves far from where they want to be.  Successful professionals believe in themselves without fail.  Sure, they acknowledge they have “power gaps” or blind spots, and areas that need deep development.  But they forgive themselves for what they don’t know and the mistakes they’ve made, and accept themselves.  They keep going with hope and optimism, knowing that the lessons from these missteps will serve them well in the future.
7.    Searching for handouts and easy answers
I can often tell from the first contact I have with someone if they’ll be likely to succeed in their new entrepreneurial venture and career, or not.  How? By the nature of their expectations, and how they set out to fulfill them.  Here’s an example – if a complete stranger reaches out to me expecting free help without considering what she may offer in return, it’s a bad sign.  Let’s say she asks something like this: “I’m launching my new business and wondered if you can give me some advice. I can’t pay you because I’m a startup, but I hope you can help me anyway.”
From this one email, I know she’s not ready to make it happen in her own business.  Why? Because successful professionals (and those destined to be) wouldn’t consider asking for help in this way.  Instead, they: 1) understand that they have something important and valuable to offer in any situation, 2) are willing and happy to share or barter that in return for what they want, and 3) they treat others exactly as they would like to be treated.
8.    It takes some hard work!
Successful professionals are respectful, resourceful, curious, competent, tenacious, and they figure out how to get the help they need without asking for handouts.  That doesn’t mean they don’t seek assistance when and where they need it , or make use of the many *free resourcesavailable to them.  It means that they don’t expect something for nothing.  They treat others equitably and fairly and know they deserve the same.
Successful professionals realize that if they’re not willing to pay for products and services they want, then others won’t be willing to pay them (yes, it works like karma).  They also know that their success is directly proportionate to the effort they put in.   Most of all, they understand there are no short cuts or easy answers on the road to success.

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