Why Chiropractors Are Failing And 7 Steps To Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever!

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“Why Chiropractors Are Failing And 7 Steps To Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever!”

Every day I get to meet chiropractors from all walks of life; varying techniques, styles of practice and philosophical ownership abound.  It has becomes very apparent after speaking to hundreds over my last 14 years in coaching, that there appears to be 7 common  threads that weave between successful and struggling doctors. There are doctors who are “crushing it” and doctors who are struggling to  make ends meet.

Can I share my observations?  In a profession that is still one of the best kept secrets in the world, we ALL should have a truly waiting list practice, serving hundreds of patients weekly.

Here’s my secret list of 7:


Years ago I gained profound insight from Tony Robbins, that VISION is central to everything in your practice and life.  You get what you focus on daily. Steve Jobs once said that only 3% of people on the planet are dedicated to designing a life of their dreams.  REALLY?  Only 3%?!  What if you sat down one Saturday morning, turned off the television and wrote out a vision of how you’d like to see your life and practice.  The greater the vision is, the greater the purpose will ensue.

On Purpose

These doctors have a driving HUNGER.  Their “WHY” is so great, that they arrive early and grab a front row seat, ask a lot of “pain in the ass” questions, study tenaciously, pursue relentlessly and don’t give up when they fall.  Their purpose is hell bent on serving people…period.  That’s what living is…finding a purpose in life greater than you!  Finding a purpose that is spirit centric in serving others, knowing the universe will give back 10 fold.


They understand that they are running a business.  They have outlined their value system of integrity, impeccable service, honesty and fair exchange.  They take a break at the end of every month and analyze their profit and loss statement and ensure they have a profit.  They re-invest and understand that in today’s “busyness” of business…they must stay ahead of the curve…and the competition.

Market Themselves

I have a client in Laval, Quebec who knows his exact return on investment of every marketing tool he uses.  I love this guy, because he is willing to invest a dollar in order to get $5 back.  He understands he is running a business, has set up a 12 month marketing calendar game plan and has witnessed a 300% growth in his practice.  A true winner!

Train Like a Freak

In the popular book, “Power Of Full Engagement”, Jim Loehr outlines that the best athletes in the world play full out…then rest and train.  They get into rituals of focusing on strengthening key elements of their game, training on it, then resting.  My best clients train 15-30 minutes per day on their practice needs, have team training weekly and work out like an Olympian…because they want to get the most out of practice and life. (Pssst! Don’t forget to train your team! )

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Take breaks

B.J. Palmer use to say, “Don’t take yourself too damn seriously”.  Ever meet someone who was so damn serious that they were toxic?  I encourage my clients to pencil in a week holiday every quarter…at a minimum.   A family vacation, a retreat, just you and your spouse.  Life isn’t meant to be worked through, but LIVED through.  What’s the meaning of working your ass off only to die rich and miserable.  You’ll quickly discover that you will come back refreshed, rejuvenated and will quite possibly see practice growth.


Have No Fear

dr mike_firewalk

Fear is the great barrier that minimizes many a man.  It’s always been the number one reason most doctors fail.  A fear of acceptance, success, what others will think or say…will often retard one’s true desired outcomes in life. The questions you need to ask yourself is, “What do I stand to LOSE but living in fear?”, and “What do I stand to GAIN when I get over it?”  It’s why as a certified fire walker, I take people across hot burning coals.  If they can walk across fire…they can do anything in life…even succeed in practice.
Keep Practicing With PASSION,

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Dr Mike Reid
CEO and Peak Performance Coach
Chiropractic Masters International
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