My Summertime Marketing Plan

Motivational minute 2012

This past weekend, I ran a One Day Intensive Training In Montreal with guests and clients. A common question that always come up is,

“I find it slow in the summer! What can I do to
create growth?”

My reply is simple – to keep working your practice like any other month. It’s been my experience that the majority of my clients continue to grow throughout the summer because they are focused on growth, serving and saving more lives.

Here’s a list of what I would do for the summer if
I had your practice:

1.) Screenings – with a screening team (2-4 per month)

Many of my clients are attracting a lot of new ones throughout the summer. Because it’s vacation time doesn’t mean everybody is on holidays

2.) S.E.O. + Website 

I would emphasize nailing my S.E.O. technology and website technology. If you are not getting at least one new client per week from your website…you might be doing something wrong.

3.) Dinner Workshop – 1x/month

A great practice builder for the summer. Try as BBQ theme instead.

4.) Power Workshops – 1x/month

Monthly Power workshops were the mainstay of my business and not only strengthened retention but also brought in new guests.

5.) Children’s Health Fair – September

It can take 6-12 months to set-up and execute this big fish , but the rewards for September are incredible. Some docs are attracting up to 4000 people in one day and getting 50, 100, 150 new patients.

6.) “Doctored” Movie Night

A new and exciting product to have a patient movie night in the summer to bring patients and patients alike to the new wellness revolution movement.

7.) Bring a friend/family member week

An instant practice builder that gets those straglers in for their summer spinal nd neurological check-up.

8.) Groupon – June only

If social media is allowed in your province or state, then this low cost product will surely kick butt. Some of my clients have gotten over 150 new patients from just one ad.

9.) Ask for referrals / 3 business cards/day

The simple art of asking for referrals or at least planting seeds with prospects. Try it for 30 days and watch how many new patients come into your office.

Until my next Motivational Minute…

Keep Practicing With Passion…

Dr Mike Reid

Chiropractic Masters International
Coaching Director for Creating Wellness

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Dr Mike’s Motivational Minute – The Battle At Kruger & The Power of Persistence

abe-lincoln-last-portrait michael_jordan nesher664093

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was defeated in 8 elections, failed at business 2x, had a nervous breakdown and lost a fiancée to an illness?

Michael Jordan was kicked off the high school basketball team. And it took Thomas Edison 1000 tries until he got the electric light bulb right.

You may have heard these stories before…but one thing these men all had in common was PERSISTENCE! We’ve all had a rough year, lost income, a family member , had a broken marriage or just seem to be at the bottom somewhere in life.

It’s happened to the best of us.  

Yet one thing that I wholeheartedly believe in, is the power of persistence…to set your eye on the prize, hold that vision like a dog gnaws on a bone, and do whatever it takes, to complete the task or make a comeback.

This example is truly captured in one of the most watched videos on YouTube. If you haven’t seen this video before, take the 8 minutes out of your life. It may just change your current perspective!

When your life is at stake, exactly how hard are you willing to fight? How long are you willing to stay in the game?




Until my next Motivational Minute…

Keep Practicing With Passion…And Persistence!


Dr Mike Reid

Chiropractic Masters International
Coaching Director for Creating Wellness

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P.P.S. Join me for my ONE DAY INTENSIVE in Toronto on June 22nd…For more info, CLICK HERE.

Motivational Minute – The Art of the Close

Motivational minute 2012

“The Art Of The Close”


If you have ever had to experience closing someone, you’ll know that it truly is an art. Regardless if you are speaking, getting them to buy a care plan, or at a simple screening, the more you work it, the more you realize that there is a formula. Let me share with you a few gems that I’ve learned over the years that have made it easier for me to close people interested in my products.

1. Build Rapport

Believe it or not, but people buy 4 things. Benefits, emotion, value and YOU!  I make it a policy to take my time and gain affinity with my peeps. Find a commonality, give a compliment, or just listen and smile. By focusing on rapport building you instantly gain their trust and start on the first step of your relationship.


2. Socratic Questioning

By asking questions,it has been found in research that people are 3x more likely to buy from you, versus someone purging facts.   A great closer has the ability to listen, then pose a question that turns their prospects towards the desired outcome.

3. Proof

This is best exemplified by using a technology that can visually demonstrates areas to improve for the individual. We can all agree that it’s easier to make recommendations with x-rays, or thermal scans of the nerve stress or abnormal posture.  Without it you really don’t have a baseline to work from.


4. Testimonials

I love testimonials. And working with a tons of testimonials can make or break a deal. It worked for them…it will work for you! Use them in your presentations, around your clinic or in your talk. People love stories and this is paramount to helping close any sale. A client of mine named Al, uses testimonials in 80% of his lectures and collects over 60 new patients a month from these specialty workshops alone!


5. Objection Management

When customers are creating objections, they’re really just asking you for a solution. My favorite words for managing objections are “If” and “Would”.

“If we could find a program that fits your budget, would you want the care?”

“If I could find a time where both you and your spouse could attend a report of findings, would that work for you?”

I think you get the general idea. Try these fast and simple tools in your next close and pop me an email. I’d love to hear your success.


 Until next time,

Keep practicing with passion,


Dr Mike Reid

Chiropractic Masters International
Coaching Director for Creating Wellness

Motivational Minute – Lessons Learned From CalJam

Motivational minute 2012



Yup! That’s me at CalJam disguised as “Dr. Merk GSK Lilly, MD” and having a blast!

I get asked to speak a lot around the country, as I build successful million dollar practices; But this time I wanted to do something different…something unique to make a point…that we in the ChiropracTIC world have got it RIGHT! That our profession is truly saving the world, backed by research, testimonials and a whole army of chiropractors who are kicking ass in their communities.

I listened to some amazing and phenomenal speakers. Each, just as passionate and as on purpose as the previous. From Brendon Burchard to Billy Demoss, these guys rocked the house, and delivered some amazing information.

Mike and Fab

Here’s some of what I took home:

1. Establish Clarity

Become clear in who you are and what your mandate in life is. If you were to define yourself with just 3 words…what would they be?

2. Exude Energy

Energy acts like a lighthouse and pulls in more from the universe.
Get excited about who you are and what you are delivering
3. Get on Purpose

When you discover what you are passionate about, then you will find your purpose. Keep asking yourself more and better questions like based on your purpose. When the “Why” is big enough, the “How” will come!
4. Get Productive

Many of us waste time on email and Facebook which is just a response to other people’s agenda. How much time did you waste today and not get to your projects? Ouch!

5. Chiropractic Works

If you don’t believe 100% in the power that made the body, also heals it, then you may find yourself trying to SELL it. When you BELIEVE, then everyone will want to BUY what you OWN!

6. Get Over The Fear

Most everything that you have been worrying about has never materialized…so get over it and walk across the friggin hot coals!!!!

7. Create Success Markers and Success Mandates

Do you have a vision board, goal charts and have you scheduled to goal your productivity with a reward every quarter from your planning pyramid. If you don’t understand what I just said…then you need a coach!

8. Leave a Legacy

When you elevate from the egocentric plane of existence (what’s in it for me) to the spirit-centric plane of being, then you begin to understand your role in the greater picture of the universe. And why doing it for “them”, while leaving your mark for the greater good, becomes soul food to your sense of being.
 Until next time,

Keep practicing with passion,

Mike Signature

Dr Mike Reid

Motivational Minute – A Chiropractic Hero Has Fallen

Motivational minute 2012

He Was Our Chiropractic Hero…

Do you remember growing up and having your favorite superhero? We all did! Powers of strength, flight, and doing and having anything you want. Powers to help those less fortunate. Powers to save and protect. Powers to ensure a safe future…and doing it all with or without a cape.

As I grew up, my fictional hero grew into a real hero. A real Chiropractic hero!

It was 1990! I was in second year at CMCC and went to see an amazing legend at Glendon college, named Dr. John Whitney. His smile was contagious and he spoke elegantly of the possibilities. He laid down path stones of success, a vision of richness in practice, and of having an incredible and most desirable lifestyle through chiropractic.


It was a polar opposite stance from the naysayers and teachers from CMCC. I quickly hitched my horse onto John’s wagon and never looked back. John Whitney was the nexus that changed my life; a pivotal driving force that shaped my career, coaching and outlook on life.

Understand that John was a rarity! A Canadian who was forever positive; hand holding his scared and arrogant students. He exuded a soft, yet commanding voice, and laid the groundwork for so many young doctors, who are now wildly successful. He voiced his beliefs that I too, could carry a torch, lit by him, a Chiropractic legend.

Understand that many of us turned to John as a father figure. That’s how many of us would describe him. A chiropractic father figure. A man who was always there for you. Who never said “No”! and made you believe in yourself and your powers of greatness.

I’m sure he’s sitting at the table with B.J., Barge, Gold, and Williams and other chiropractic greats right now. I can see his smile, as he’s telling one of his jokes. And if you are reading this letter John, understand that because you have helped so many doctors with your chiropractic super powers, you have started a ripple effect, and allowed us to help, so many other people around the world…and that’s what heroes do!

We love you John! Thank you for lighting our torches!

May you now rest in peace!

Mike Signature

Dr. Mike Reid & All Doctors Coached By A Canadian Hero And Legend
Chiropractic Masters International
Coaching Director for Creating Wellness

Motivational Minute – Spectator or Player…Which Are You?

Motivational minute 2012
The old saying states, “That you stand for something…or you fall for everything”. There’s a movement right NOW… today, in our great profession. It’s a movement by a number of misguided “leaders” who want to expand the scope of practice to include prescription rights and administration of drugs.


We can postulate that their premise for such assassin reasoning for prescription rights might be; there’s not enough M.D.’s prescribing drugs or, more drugs (leading cause of preventable death in North America) equal better health or, prescribing drugs will get us medical acceptance.


Let’s be FRANK! It’s incongruent with our philosophy, it’s dangerous, (especially as the world is moving to a more holistic approach to health) and it sets up our profession as being “sold out” to the medical mafia.


SO! ARE YOU A SPECTATOR OR A PLAYER? What gives you the right to know the truth, and then sit on your ass and say nothing?


I received a note on an important petition from a number of friends and colleagues in the US and Canada, including Dr. Steven Silk from C.A.C., Dr. Brian Kelly, Dr. Gerry Clum and Dr. Guy Reikeman amongst others.
The petition is a statement of concern for the move by a small number of DC’s to expand the scope of practice in New Mexico to include prescribing and administering drugs. It is being sent to the New Mexico Chiropractic Association, the New Mexico State House, the New Mexico State Senate and the Governor of New Mexico.


I signed it, the CAC Board has signed it and so have many high profile DC’s and patients worldwide.


Please don’t sit back and think to yourself, “It’s not my thing” because its south of the 49th parallel…there are some well-meaning, but misguided chiropractors on the north side of the divide who agree that adding drugs into our “toolbox” is a good thing too.


CLICK HERE and register your name to join with thousands of your colleagues in taking a stand… on a principle.


If you don’t, and you swallow the blue pill and hope things will get better, please don’t bitch and moan when one day you have the title M.D. ( More Disease, More Drugs. More Death) beside your D.C.


Take action today for a better tomorrow for Chiropractic!


Thanks for listening to my RANT!


Back On the Field…As A Player,

Dr Mike Reid CEO and Peak Performance Coach
Chiropractic Masters International
Coaching Director for Creating Wellness

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Motivational Minute – What I learned From Richard Branson

Motivational minute 2012

I love this guy.  Energetic! Risk taker! Entrepreneur!


I recently read an article from Robin Sharma on an interview he did with Richard Branson in Romania at a Leadership conference.

I wanted to condense the interview down to the 10 points that I learned from Branson…on setting goals.  His points are very profound.  Really nothing you haven’t heard before, but so applicable in practice and life:

  1. Branding is Everything –   A little girl came up to Branson and told him he could be rich and famous because he looked just like Sir Richard Branson.
  2. Complexity is Your Enemy – It is best to SIMPLIFY your product.  Steve Jobs when he took over Apple for the second time reduced the company’s 350 products to 10.
  3. Take Risk – You can’t chase the sunset by hanging onto the shore.  Learn to let go and go!
  4. Set Huge, Apparently Unachievable Challenges – People laughed at Branson when he wanted to start Virgin Airlines.  These are the naysayers, critics and negative people you don’t want, nor need in your life.
  5. There Are No Rules – You must learn to set your own parameters and  learn to fall.  It’s from falling where we learn how to get up, and not fall again.
  6. Be an Idealist – Find a zen garden or a quiet office and learn to dream outrageous dreams.  First thing in the morning is best where your creative juices flow best.
  7. You are The Captain of Your Fate – No one is coming to your rescue. You are the only one who will paint your canvas.
  8. You Only Live Once – So why not get the most out of it.  Rise early…5:30 am, and squeeze the juice out of life, write down your dreams and act boldly.
  9. Be Close To Family – Family should be one of your top values, for what else are we living for.
  10. Extremism – It is the pursuit of excellence and not a vice

In pursuit of excellence,

Dr Mike Reid CEO and Peak Performance Coach
Chiropractic Masters International
Coaching Director for Creating Wellness

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Motivational Minute – 62 Tips to Get Unstuck in 2013

Motivational minute 2012


I’m amped to do everything in my power to help you kickstart 2013 strong so you install superb habits of the mind, body and behavior.
Today is all about 62 quick, actionable and unforgettable tips that will move you to break free of old patterns, stop being the victim and leap into high gear to get your giant goals done.

This is a list I came upon written by Robin Sharma, Author of the #1 Bestseller “The Leader Who Had No Title”. I thought it was undeniably relevant to share this with everyone in my database.


  1. Believe in your vision and gifts when no one else believes in your vision and gifts.
  2. Start your day with 20 minutes of exercise.
  3. Make excellence your way of being (versus a once in a while event).
  4. Be on time (bonus points: be early).
  5. Be a celebrator of other’s talents versus a critic.
  6. Stop watching TV. (Bonus points: sell your tv and invest the cash in learning and self-education).
  7. Finish what you start.
  8. Remember that your diet affects your moods so eat like an athlete.
  9. Spend an hour a day without stimulation (no phone+no FaceBook+no noise).
  10. Release the energy vampires from your life. They are destroying your performance.
  11. Write in a journal every morning. And record gratitude every night.
  12. Do work that scares you (if you’re not uncomfortable often, you’re not growing very much).
  13. Make the choice to let go of your past. It’s dusty history. And polluting your future.
  14. Commit to being “Mozart-Level Good” at your work.
  15. Smile more (and tell your face).
  16. Do a collage filled with images of your ideal life. Look at it once a day for focus and inspiration.
  17. Plan your week on a schedule (clarity is the DNA of mastery).
  18. Stop gossiping (average people love gossip; exceptional people adore ideas).
  19. Read “As You Think”.
  20. Read “The Go-Getter”.
  21. Don’t just parent your kids-develop them.
  22. Remember that victims are frightened by change. And leaders grow inspired by it.
  23. Start taking daily supplements to stay in peak health.
  24. Clean out any form of “victim speak” in your vocabulary and start running the language of leadership and possibility.
  25. Do a nature walk at least once a week. It’s renew you (you can’t inspire others if you’re depleted yourself).
  26. Take on projects no one else will take on. Set goals no one else will do.
  27. Do something that makes you feel uncomfortable at least once every 7 days.
  28. Say “sorry” when you know you should say “sorry”.
  29. Say “please” and “thank you” a lot.
  30. Remember that to double your income, triple your investment in learning, coaching and self-education.
  31. Dream big but start now.
  32. Achieve 5 little goals each day
  33. Write handwritten thank you notes to your customers, teammates and family members.
  34. Be slow to criticize and fast to praise.
  35. Read Walter Isaacson’s amazing biography on Steve Jobs.
  36. Give your customers 10X the value they pay for
  37. Use the first 90 minutes of your work day only on value-creating activities (versus checking email or surfing the Net).
  38. Breathe.
  39. Keep your promises.
  40. Remember that ordinary people talk about their goals. Leaders get them done. With speed.
  41. Watch the inspirational documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”.
  42. Know that a problem only becomes a problem when you choose to see it as a problem.
  43. Brain tattoo the fact that all work is a chance to change the world.
  44. Watch the amazing movie “The Intouchables”.
  45. Remember that every person you meet has a story to tell, a lesson to teach and a dream to do.
  46. Risk being rejected. All of the great ones do.
  47. Spend more time in art galleries. Art inspires, stimulates creativity and pushes boundaries.
  48. Read a book a week, invest in a course every month and attend a workshop every quarter.
  49. Remember that you empower what you complain about.
  50. Get to know yourself. The main reason we procrastinate on our goals is not because of external conditions; we procrastinate due to our internal beliefs. And the thing is they are stuck so deep that we don’t even know they exist. But once you do, everything changes.
  51. Read “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”.
  52. Know your values. And then have the guts to live them-no matter what the crowd thinks and how the herd lives.
  53. Become the fittest person you know.
  54. Become the strongest person you know.
  55. Become the kindest person you know.
  56. Know your “BIG 5” – the 5 goals you absolutely must achieve by December 31st to make this year your BEST yet.
  57. Know that potential unexpressed turns to pain.
  58. Build a strong family foundation while you grow your ideal career.
  59. Stop being selfish.
  60. Give your life to a project bigger than yourself.
  61. Be thankful for your talents.
  62. Stand for iconic. Go for legendary. And make history.


This is YOUR time. Now’s YOUR moment. Let’s do this! 🙂


Your #1 fan,

Dr Mike Reid



Follow these 62 success tips in 2013 and watch your practice grow and your life flourish.   Join me at Revolution in Toronto on January 25-26, 2013.

Join in a group “Business Audit” and see how you fare to the top clinics in North America and take action steps to stimulate growth in your practice.

Mark this date on your calendar: January 25-26, 2013 & Meet Me In Toronto, where I will be teaching the new, “Business of Wellness”


  • Solid day 1, day 2 procedures to move patients to predictably say YES to lifetime care!
  • Mastering your financial reports to add thousands of dollars to your month ends!
  • Be your own marketing expert with the top 12 tools that work in 2013
  • Brew culture in your practice for 100% CA ownership
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Making 2013 The Best Year Ever In Your Practice

Motivational minute 2012

I’m into my 14th year of coaching, and after building some of the highest volume, most lucrative practices in North America, there is a very clear and consistent path, that many of my most successful clients are taking. My mission is to ensure that more chiropractors are successful. The unfortunate side is that most if not all, have not had any business skill training, and are not running their practices like a business.

So let me share with you the 6 distinctions of success that I know can make or break your practice in 2013. Take a look at your current business model and see where you can spruce up your business skills. If you are falling short of your skills, then get you and your team to one of my next “Mastery Training Universities”. Revolution is all about changing your status quo, and launching yourself into the next era of practice and life:

  1. Get Hungry. The most successful clients really WANT IT! Their lives revolve around chiropractic 7/24. They live it, speak it and promote it. They crave success and get their feet on the floor early in the morning.
  2. Know What You Want. Beyond goals, you need to set a solid vision board that becomes your daily success compass. Focus on the main thing…RESULTS, and avoid like the plague, all distractors like naysayers and television.
  3. Work Only With “A” Players. You definitely need CA’s and associates that will drive your practice. If you are babysitting daily, it may be time for change. Hopefully you know and are implementing the “10 Keys To Corporate Culture” , that create an environment conducive for business.
  4. Plan Ahead. The most successful doctors have a 12 month calendar for success. They plan everything from their marketing, team training, performance evaluations, even their vacations.
  5. Exude Energy. Have you ever been mesmerized by a high energy person or speaker? I believe that energy is the key to success as an attractor. In a sense, your patients are also “buying” you. Start your morning rituals with exercise, pure energy nutrition and meditation.
  6. The Starbuck’s Effect. Extraordinary service, outstanding customer care and a desire for constant and never ending improvement in clinical skills and technologies. This is what today’s patients are looking for. If you are losing patients to other clinics, it may be time to change the shag carpet!!!


Follow these 6 simple steps for success in 2013 and watch your practice grow.   Join me at Revolution in Toronto on January 25-26, 2013. Join in a group “Business Audit” and see how you fare to the top clinics in North America and take action steps to stimulate growth in your practice.
Mark this date on your calendar: January 25-26, 2013 & Meet Me In Toronto, where I will be teaching the new, “Business of Wellness”


  • Solid day 1, day 2 procedures to move patients to predictably say YES to lifetime care!
  • Mastering your financial reports to add thousands of dollars to your month ends!
  • Be your own marketing expert with the top 12 tools that work in 2013
  • Brew culture in your practice for 100% CA ownership
  • Expose your CA’s to the new ChiroWorks University for MASSIVE front desk growth!