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Old Japanese Proverb – “Fall 7, Stand 8”

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Have you ever failed at something in life!  You know you tried once or twice and give up.  Maybe a new sport, technique in practice, marketing tool.  Could you have imagined if Edison gave up after trying the first 5, 10 or even 20 filaments.  When asked how he felt about failing 1000 times while experimenting for the light bulb, he quipped,

“I didn’t fail 1000 times, it just took me 1001 times to discover it was the carbon filament to make the bulb work!”


Two weeks ago I bought a wake surf board.  I thought it was so cool how these guys could pop up on their boards behind a wake boat and ride a wave without any tow rope.   I watched.  I learned.  I tried 1000 times…and after taking in water in every orifice in my body…I found this “SWEET SPOT” on the wake.

It’s that place of effortless where all your skills from life conjoin to a moment of knowing.  Sort of like adjusting high volume and then you suddenly reside in your zen garden, flowing effortlessly between patients where the magic of your hands takes over.


Life is like that isn’t it?   We try a new art.  We fall!  We get up and then choose; to try again or to quit! It’s at that moment where we differentiate between success and failure.  Those willing to stand up one more time than those who fall.   Those willing to feel the pain, the agony of defeat and those willing to stand on either principle or vision.   Those who crave success have their eye on the prize and not on the naysayers, nor the pundits.


Where are you falling in life or practice?  Where’s your hunger?  Is your vision strong enough to pursue that sweet spot in life?   Or perhaps you’re looking for direction!  Maybe to join a family of like minded, successful people who are driven by that same hunger that you crave.


Prosperity” is all that and more.  To discover my most outrageous  seminar that guides you to every level of success in life, the click the link below and join me November 8,9, 2013 for “Prosperity” and find your “sweet spot”


Until we meet, keep practicing with passion.

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My Fire Walker Pierce and the Meaning of Vision


A number of years ago, I got certified in fire walking from a man named Tolly Burkan of Sonoma, California. He’s the same instructor who taught Tony Robbins and T. Harv Eker and a number of other celebrity speakers.  

Fire walking is a “mind over matter” personal empowerment tool, designed to demonstrate that you really can do anything in life….as long as you believe.

I’m an advocate of personal empowerment and have been for over 20 years. It solidifies one’s resolve, creates clarity in your vision, and helps eliminate the fears that prevent you from truly fulfilling your potential.    

It’s instrumental in my “Master Within” seminar, that I run every year.

After I prep the coals (which can be up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit), I walk them first, then allow my chiropractic son Pierce (13 years old, 6’2″, and better looking than Bieber) to walk the coals next.   He’s a product of chiropractic…adjusted at birth and weekly now, non-vaccinated, breast fed and organically nourished today. These are the indigo children, who are in tune with their “innate”, that voice inside that is clear as long as there is no interference.  

As Pierce lines up to walk the coals, he’ll often hesitate and step back 2 or 3 times before he is ready. He’ll look at me across the 12 foot pit, focused, intense and you can see that gleam of certainty in his eyes, before he takes his first step across the coals. He’ll effortless walk across into my arms and sometimes walk 4 or 5 times more.

He leads the pack of doctors and C.A.’s who follow right after him.

I’m really proud of him, because he is pure innate. No fear! Tackles life head on! He just completed a 10 day, 200 km canoe/portage trip in Algonquin Park, full of mosquitoes, black flies and crappy food. Tough kid!  

In our debrief that evening, I review with all my guests, the significance and meaning in their lives as it pertains to the fire walk.   I purposely then ask Pierce, what he got out of it. (He’s really a plant because he’s done this 3 times and over 12 fire walks with me).  

“Dad, when my head saw the coals, I was thinking of getting burned…but when that voice in my heart was greater…that’s when I knew I was ready to walk!”

WOW! You could hear a pin drop, as the doctors took copious notes on that one.

It brings to memory one of the most impactful quote I’ve ever heard from Dr. John Demartini:  

“When the voice and the vision on the inside, is greater than the voice of the detractors on the outside, that’s when you have mastered your life!”  

It’s not unusual that my guests who complete the “Master Within” weekend, witness massive growth in their practices and lives. Quantum shifts in volume, income and life enjoyment.  

What holds us back in life and from reaching our truly full potential, is lack of clarity and vision, fear of the unknown, conformity and of course detractors. Could it now be YOUR TIME to cut loose and be all you could and can be? Perhaps yes!

Watch for my next “Master Within“, scheduled for sometime in 2014 and unleash that giant inside. If a 13 year old can do it…so can you.  

In the meantime, consider this an invitation to start your own journey by joining me at “Prosperity“, our signature seminar to give you the technique and tools of abundance for your practice.  

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Until We Meet, Keep Practicing with Passion!



Love, Light & Abundance


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 Dr Mike Reid

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